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Hortiki Plants

✨NEW! Hortiki Plants Kids Garden Seed Card: Lettuce

✨NEW! Hortiki Plants Kids Garden Seed Card: Lettuce

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Grow, Learn, and Let-tuce Have Fun! 😂



Get ready for a budget-friendly blooming adventure with Hortiki Plants Learn & Grow Kids Garden Cards! 🌱🌼

Packed with an abundance of fun activities, our Learn & Grow Cards provide an easy and fun way for kids to have a gardening experience indoors or out!

This 8.5” x 5.5” card packs a lot of learning in a small space. Activities include:

🎨 Art: Step-by-Step Learn to Draw Snails Art Project. Let kids enhance their drawing skills using the guide provided then challenge kids to create a full-size drawing that tells a garden story.

🔬 Science: Fun facts about plant growth, horticultural origins, and environmental issues will help kids quickly learn important facts about the vegetable they are growing. But it doesn’t stop there! Each edition of our Learn & Grow Cards includes a hands-on STEM learning activity.

🧩 Puzzles  & Jokes: Kids will learn but they will also have fun! We include puzzles and jokes to keep kids excited about their garden experience and eager to work on the hands-on learning projects. 

🌿 USDA Certified Organic Seeds: To top it all off, each Hortiki Plants Learn & Grow Kids Garden Card comes with 100% USDA Certified organic lettuce seeds. 

🗸 Lettuce is a great, quick growing choice for small, low-light spaces. 

🗸 In only 2-4 weeks kids can enjoy the fruits (or rather, the leaves) of their labor!

🗸 This is an excellent opportunity to teach kids how to upcycle materials (such as plastic bottles) that would normally be thrown away.

💸Budget Friendly! Hortiki Plants Learn & Grow Kids Garden Cards offer a budget-friendly way for your group to embark on a fun and simple garden project. With a pocket-friendly price of just $2 per card, we’ve made sure everyone can grow with Hortiki Plants!

📚 Bonus Facilitator Guide: Our Lettuce Card Grow Kits include a handy guide with a list of additional projects kids can do to extend their learning while waiting on their plants to grow!

💚 And, as with every item we make, your purchase comes backed with Hortiki Plants' 100% FEARLESS GARDENING GUARANTEE. If your plants don't grow for any reason, just let us know. WE WILL REPLACE YOUR SEEDS FOR FREE. When your new seeds arrive, just try again! No worries. No fear. Just Fun!

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