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  • Custom kits designed to fit your educational needs. Our kits can be adapted to fit any PreK-12 learning environment and are a great fit for special education programs. All kits include kids activities and games.

  • Kids Garden Worksheets.

    Educator guides, parent guides, and lesson plans with common core standards alignment available.

  • Live and on-demand educator training.

  • Recursos en español!

    Additional languages available upon request.

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  • Hortiki Plants kids kits have been third-party evaluated by This seal of authentication affirms that the learning activities in this kit align with science, technology, engineering and math standards. Our kids garden kits utilize hands-on learning to help students have fun and build the 21st Century Skills they will need for the future.

  • Mud pies are magic!

    Microbes in soil can improve kids' immune system response, reduce allergies, and even improve their mental health! Integrate nature and gardening into kids' play to keep them healthy and having fun.

  • Conquer meal times!

    Teaching nutrition alone doesn't always work. Research published by the California Department of Agriculture found that kids who had a gardening experience were willing to eat a greater variety of green vegetables, like zucchini and snow peas, than kids who were only taught about nutrition in the classroom.

  • Garden Time = Sharp Mind

    According to research in the Journal of Pediatric
    Nursing, plants can improve kids memory, focus, and attentiveness. As kids engage with nature their health and overall cognitive development improves.

  • Plants for the Win!

    Research shows that incorporating nature into teaching leads to higher student test scores across all subject areas including reading, writing, math, and science.

  • Take it Outside!

    Research shows that just 15-minutes playing on natural surfaces (instead of asphalt) can calm anxious minds, increase concentration and enhance children's creativity.