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Hortiki Plants

Mega Bundle: Kids Organic Vegetable Garden Kit

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Kids organic garden kit with digital expansion pack

Everything in our best-selling organic kids garden kit + all our add-ons together in one bundle!



  • 3 organic seed sachets (~75-90 seeds)
  • Organic soil (may come as bags or as compressed wafers you hydrate)
  • 3 biodegradable pots
  • 3 biodegradable water catchment trays
  • kid-friendly growing instructions, 14-page Hortiki Kids AGtivity Book with puzzles, jokes, fun facts, games, and art activities
  • Hortiki Kids Reading Club Guide
  • Hortiki Kids AgMatch Game Card Deck (w/16 cards)
  • 4 non-toxic soy-based crayons
  • 100% Natural Cotton Drawstring Backpack.


  • Silly faces for planter pots
  • Color-by-number fun pack
  • 21 page MEGA Activity Book with STEM-based garden education

Learn more about our bestselling (5 star average rating on Amazon and Etsy) Kids Organic Garden Kit below:

Are your kids bored? Are they getting too much screen time? If you want them to get outside and soak up some sun - gardening is the perfect answer! With this kit, kids can explore the world of agriculture through horticultural science, art, math, reading, puzzles, games, and more. This all-inclusive kit featuring organic seeds, organic soil, and eco-friendly containers, makes gardening simple, safe, and fun! (Suggested for grades 3-5).

🥼 Authenticated. Hortiki Plants Kids Organic Garden Kit has been third-party evaluated by This seal of authentication affirms that the learning activities in this kit align with science, technology, engineering and math standards. Our product utilizes hands-on learning to help students have fun and build the 21st Century Skills they will need for the future.  

🥬100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC SEEDS (and SOIL). Salad Collection: Organic Gourmet Lettuce Blend, Organic Cherry Tomatoes, Organic Marketmore 76' Cucumbers. Veggie Plate Collection: Organic Di Cicco Broccoli, Organic Progress #9 Peas, Organic Scarlet Nantes Carrots.

🌎ECO-FRIENDLY CONTAINERS AND TRAYS. BIODEGRADABLE & MADE FROM PLANTS. Biodegradable containers are Made in North America from 100% post-consumer RECYCLED paper materials. The fiber-based construction provides aeration to roots. Containers will biodegrade after a few seasons when placed into the ground or you can reuse season after season! (4.25” D). BIODEGRADABLE WATER CATCHMENT TRAYS are handcrafted from fallen palm leaves. They are a compostable USDA-certified biobased product. (5X5”)

💚 Hortiki Plants' 100% FEARLESS GARDENING GUARANTEE. If your plants don't grow for any reason, just let us know. WE WILL REPLACE YOUR SEEDS FOR FREE. When your new seeds arrive, just try again! No worries. No fear. Just Fun!

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  • 100% Fearless Gardening Guarantee. If your plants don't grow for any reason just let us know. We will replace your seeds for free. When your new seeds arrive, simply try again. No worries. No fear. Just fun. Valid in the US within one year of purchase.