Hortiki Plants Corporate Gifting Program

Surprise and delight your clients, partners, and employees with a unique, sustainable, gift!

Want to turn your customers into lifelong clients and brand ambassadors?

Don't underestimate the power of relationships!

In 2021 Forbes Magazine reported that 80% of businesses with corporate gifting programs have improved relationships with clients and employees! Reported benefits include: 1) making clients feel valued 2) improved customer loyalty, and 3) improved employee retention.

  • Our ecofriendly garden kits make unique gifts that convey your brand's commitment to sustainability

    Kits for indoor and outdoor spaces and for every skill level.

  • Add on virtual team building experiences.

    Live and on-demand.

  • Fast Turnaround!

    Most orders processed in one week or less!

  • What is the minimum order quanitty?

    If you are ordering fewer than 10 kits, please order through our main shop. If you need additional support, such as sending to multiple addresses or adding gift wrap, our team is happy to assist with your request and can be reached at contact@hortikiplants.com.

  • Is there a discount for ordering in bulk?

    Yes. Discounts are available for multi-unit orders. Please contact us for a personalized price quote.

  • What items are available for corporate gifting?

    All the kits in our shop are available for our corporate gifting program. Additionally, we are happy to create a custom kit to meet your organization's needs.

  • Will the gifts have my company's branding and logo?

    We offer several options for adding your company's branding. Branded gift notes and box labels are available free with every purchase. Branded shipping boxes can be purchased for lead times greater than 2 weeks.

  • How are the gifts packaged? Is gift wrap available?

    Our kits are shipped in unbranded, recycled shipping cartons. Branded shipping boxes can be purchased for lead times greater than two weeks. We offer two gift wrap options. If your kits are being shipped directly to the recipient, we will put the gift components into a decorative canvas gift bag and pack the gift in a shipping carton. If the kits are shipping to a central location, we offer white gift boxes and bows that you can add prior to gifting. Click here to view gift wrap samples.

  • Can I order a mix of different kits in a single order?

    Yes. You can add any combination of kits to your order. We can also work with you to design a mix of kits to fit your organization's needs.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    At this time we ship to all 50 states and Washington, DC.

  • Is this program available year round?

    Yes. We have garden kits that can be grown indoors all year long.

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    Our ecofreindly garden kits feature USDA certified organic seeds and plants and organic potting media. We use recycled, plastic free materials, and participate in offset programs to provide carbon neutral shipping.

Employee Wellness Programs

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