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Hortiki Plants

✨NEW! 130-page Kids Garden Journal (Multiorder Discount)

✨NEW! 130-page Kids Garden Journal (Multiorder Discount)

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Hortiki Plants Kids Garden Journal

Get ready to embark on an exciting garden adventure with Hortiki Plants "Kids Garden Journal", the perfect tool for young gardeners to keep track of their gardening experience any time of the year. (Suggested for ages 8-12).

With this engaging and creative journal, kids can easily keep track of all the plants and vegetables they're growing, from the first sprouts to the final harvest. They can also record what they discover during their outdoor adventures, whether it's the bugs they spot, the flowers they see, or the birds they hear. They can create their own recipes and keep track of which ones they like best. And every week they can learn more about nature and engage in fun and creative activities to keep them exciting for the next week's adventure!

KEY FEATURES of the Hortiki Plants "Kids Garden Journal" :

  • 📅 12-week journal format to help kids consistently keep track of their plants' progress, stay organized, and focus on their gardening goals.
  • ✏️ Plenty of space for kids to record their observations and experiences, with creative prompts and fun activities to help kids engage with the natural world around them.
  • 🏡 Use with both indoor or outdoor gardens.
  • 🍲 Recipe pages let kids create their own garden-inspired recipes, experiment with new flavors, and discover the joy of eating home grown fruits and veggies.
  • 🎨 Weekly science & nature games and activities.
  • 🎓Perfect for improving writing skills, comprehension, and memory, while also encouraging a love of plants, nature, and the outdoors.
  • 📔Great way for kids to create a keepsake of their garden adventures and memories.
  • 131 pages
  • 8.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches, Paperback Binding
  • English

Whether your child is a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Hortiki Plants "Kids Garden Journal" is the perfect way to encourage them to explore the natural world around them and develop important skills along the way. Make this journal the go-to companion to your family's garden adventure!

🌟 Makes a great companion to Hortiki Plants Authenticated, Kids Organic Garden Kit!
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