3 Keep Cool Garden Tips for Hot Summer

When the temps start to soar you may be wondering if it's time to take a break from gardening. Check out the tips below to learn what to do instead. We've got some neat ideas that will help you and your garden survive the blazing days of summer!

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#1 Keep your plants watered during your vacay (or your staycay)

I hope you will definitely take some time to get away this summer. Hopefully deep into nature where you can fully disconnect. But if not, it's okay. Plan a visit to a local garden. Spend time soaking in the stress reducing hues and health boosting microbes there. Use this great tool from the American Public Garden Association to help you find free public gardens worldwide.

Map of public gardens on East Coast


To ensure your plants stay hydrated while you’re away, watch the video below. In this short, three minute video, I demonstrate how to use the wick watering method; a low-tech, low-cost automatic watering system. This is also a great system to use for plants you keep in awkward places, like high up on hard-to-reach shelves.


#2 Start heat-loving plants from seed now.

Do you thrive during midsummer? Loving the long days? Cheerfully enduring the heat and humidity poolside while sipping icy frozen lemonades? There are plants who thrive in the high heat of summer too. Start watermelon, muskemelon (cantaloupe), cucumber and squash seeds by mid-July. Try Hortiki Plants' Organic Watermelon Kit and join us for our Virtual Watermelon Garden Party!



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# 3 Create a cool down corner

There are so many ways we can care for ourselves using plants. I love the idea of a “cool down corner” that I can harvest from whenever I am feeling overheated. Great plants to try include mint, chamomile, lemon balm and aloe vera.

Mint has many culinary uses. Add mint to your summer drinks, salads, and as herbal seasonings for main courses. Mint can also be a decorative and fresh accent to top your desserts. Use mint, lemon balm, and chamomile to make iced tea or for application to the skin. 


Aloe vera is a great and easy plant that can be used as a salve for sunburn, blisters, or overheated skin. Plant this one outside to soak up the sun if you can.

Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties along with antioxidants proven to help with sleep and relaxation.


Finally, lemon balm. Lemon balm has both antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying to the skin can help calm overheated or blistered areas.


Grab this FREE Download with tips on making fresh herbal teas. Learn the best ways to make refreshing summer drinks and remedies to heal summer blazed skin.

Herbal Tea Checklist. List of Cooling Herbs for Summer Heat.

That's it!  We hope you (and your plants) enjoy the next few weeks of hot summer. And let us know, what other plants would you put in a cool down corner?


Plant Love!

Victoria LeBeaux, PhD
Founder, Hortiki Plants
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