Five Hot Plant and Garden Trends for 2023

Happy New Year!
We are so excited here at Hortiki Plants at making it to 2023. We are in an industry that is experiencing a great renaissance. More people than ever are turning to plants to green their homes, fill their plates, and destress.
To kick off this year, I’ve pulled together some of this year’s hottest plant related trends.
2023 is ready and so are we. If you’re ready, let’s go!
Clean, modern bathroom filled with plants

2023 Garden Trend #1: Intentional Greening of Homes

We’re all inspired by social media influencers who’ve covered every space in their home with plants. And, while it’s lovely, for many of us, it can feel unrealistic. I own a gardening business and I often feel that I could never get my space to mirror what I find on social media. Like you, I spend most of my time working, commuting, cleaning, cooking, and striving to make time for friends and family, my hobbies and my community. Thus, the time I have for plant care at home is minimal at best. So my bet for this year is that yes, more and more people will be inspired to bring their homes alive with indoor plants. However, I also think people feel overwhelmed with life and may not know exactly where to start. In 2022, the phrase “interior plant design” was searched twice as often as “interior design”. Searches for ways to simplify and organize indoor spaces also grew significantly.
I believe we will be greening our homes in a way that works for our everyday lives. For example, creating living walls that work for the apartment dwellers. Or growing fewer plants that serve multiple uses, such as edible flowers.
There’s more information than ever available on how to grow indoor plants. Feel confident and make informed decisions about how to create a space that works for you.

2023 Garden Trend #2: Unique Houseplants - Time to go Edible

I’m a big proponent of growing your own food. However, this trend is more than my wish to give everyone on the planet a Hortiki kit. According to data from Google Trends, this theme has topped search queries for the past two years. Indoor vegetable garden systems. How to grow fruit like strawberries, oranges, and banana trees. These have been breakout search terms that show no signs of slowing down.
The community of houseplant enthusiasts is growing and maturing. People are getting more confident in their skills and are ready to try something new. I expect more people will try to grow herbs, leafy greens, and indoor vegetables.
Does this peak your interest? If so:
- Check out our blog post: Are you ready for edible houseplants?
- Keep an eye out for more affordable hydroponic gardening systems.
- Look for companies that will ship vegetable transplants direct to your door.
- Hortiki will have an increasing number of live plants shipping this year and beyond. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you know when our new products drop. We plan months in advance for our live plant sales and our live plants sell out quickly!
Garden vegetables on white wood. Tomatoes, carrots, beans, mushrooms, lettuce, peppers. Hashtag eat your houseplants

2023 Garden Trend #3: Plants in Every Space

The “Plants Everywhere” trend is inspired by viral social media pics and by more remote work. 2023 homes will be functional, comfortable, and fresh, with plants taking center stage.
People are learning that not every plant needs that sunny southern window. Whether it’s an air plant, a cactus, fern, snake plant, or philodendron, there is a plant that can survive in every space in your home. Even the bathroom! If you want to add plants to a unique space in your home, here are my top quick tips.
  1. Fruiting and flowering plants need the most light.
  2. Large leaf green plants (think monstera) get the mid-level light (3-6 hours)
  3. For low light spaces grow plants with skinny narrow leaves (like snake plants). Or, if you are going edible, try plants that are quick to harvest like microgreens. (Microgreens grow from seed to harvest in 2 weeks or less).
  4. There are tools available to put shelving and plant hooks on any type of surface. Look for tools to make indoor vertical gardens. From air plant wall art to full on green walls. Consider plants for every part of your 2022 home refresh.

2023 Garden Trend #4: Green Gifts for Everyone and for Every Occasion

For 2023, the secret is out. Plants make the BEST gifts. Genuinely take a minute to think about this question: Who doesn’t like plants? Also, plants are the perfect thoughtful gift for every occasion. This includes those hard to gift occasions that usually confuse everyone. Retirement? Graduation? Housewarming? Divorce Party? Work Anniversary? A gift for a frenemy? Your neighbor? A client? A kid? A cat?!
Yes - all down the board!
As a plant shop owner, I am definitely seeing this trend come to life. Over half of my sales are gifts. Whether it's a coworker, a friend, or a new business contact, don't be shy about giving them a plant or gardening kit. You won't be disappointed!

2023 Garden Trend #5: Green goes Mainstream. Plant-themed Everything!

Yep, this is the part where I tell you plants will simply take over the world. (It’s a Hortiki post, so you had to know this was coming).
A few years ago you might have found a few quirky friends rocking a plant-themed t-shirt. Now, plant inspired design can be found on every item you can buy. Clothes and accessories, home decor, kitchen appliances. Even on eyeglasses, shoes, and our tech.
I think the trend is driven in part by crafters and artists. Makers are more easily able to market and sell their creative products. If you want to incorporate this trend in your own unique way, try shopping small and from local artisans. You can hire freelance design work at a reasonable price through Fiverr and Upwork. Then, try Etsy to connect with makers to get custom plant-themed items of your choice.
Those are my top five garden trends for 2022! To help you as you incorporate these trends into your home and life, we will:
  • Offer more organic herb, fruit, and vegetable transplants.
  • Make sure our kits fit all your gifting needs.
  • Create fun plant-themed accessories.
  • Shower our community with more plant love than ever during this 5th Anniversary Year by:
    • Launching a loyalty program
    • Launching a community garden grant program
    • Hosting more special events.
    • Sharing all we know about the best ways to enhance your indoor garden for a happy, plant-filled new year!
If you aren’t yet a subscriber, be sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you don’t miss out.

Thanks for reading! As you can see we are super excited about this new year. What are you most excited about for 2023? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay in the know with all things Hortiki Plants!

Plant Love!

Victoria LeBeaux

Founder, Hortiki Plants

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