Hortiki Plants Kids Hydroponics Activity & Educator Guide


Embark on a fun journey of science, gardening, and engineering with Hortiki's Hydroponic Gardening Activity.

Kids will learn about hydroponics and cultivate their own mouthwatering lettuce with their DIY Hydroponic Growing System. This engaging activity-sheet provides step-by-step instructions, fun facts, and discussion points, making it an educational and entertaining experience. Watch your little ones' curiosity bloom as they discover the wonders of soilless gardening and enjoy the taste of home-grown lettuce in this hands-on adventure!

Download the Kids Activity Sheet [PDF DOWNLOAD]

Kids Garden Activity Worksheet


Unlock the full potential of the Hydroponic Gardening Activity with our Bonus Educator Guide! Designed to enhance the learning experience, this guide provides follow-up questions to stimulate critical thinking. It also includes examples of how the activity can be used in alignment with Common Core standards in language arts and math, and detailed Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with practical implementation examples.

Take your educational journey to new heights and empower young minds with this invaluable resource, ensuring a seamless integration of the activity into your curriculum.

Download the Educator Guide [PDF DOWNLOAD]


Hortiki Plants Hydroponic Activity Educator Guide


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