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Hortiki Plants

Organic Mint Plants Indoor Window Box Garden Kit

Organic Mint Plants Indoor Window Box Garden Kit

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Mint-To-Be Valentine’s Day Garden Kit

Just add sunlight and share some plant love with our Mint-to-Be Organic Garden Kit. No need to transplant. Plant your live mint plants and in just a few weeks harvest right from your window box!


- Two Organic Mint Plants:

    - Berries and Cream Mint

    - Spearmint

-  Mint to Be Graphic Print Wooden planter with recyclable leak guard

- Organic potting mix

- Glass mister bottle

- Bamboo label

- Growing instructions, recipes, and fun facts


- Organic Berries and Cream Mint: Has a mild, fruity menthol aroma and a minty, sweet flavor with subtle berry notes.

- Organic Spearmint: Has a bright traditional mint flavor great for garnishes and herbal infusions

-  Kit includes starter plants that can be grown into full-sized plants. (Plants upon arrival will be smaller than pictured). 

- Sun Required: 3+ hours of sunlight

🥬Mint is rich in iron, manganese, and vitamins A. Mint contains rosmarinic acid which has both antibacterial and ant-inflammatory properties. Use widely in cooking, for cooking the skin, soothing allergies, and for calming an upset stomach.


- Hand Painted Mint To Be Graphics on Wooden Windowbox Planter

- Container is made from natural, reusable and recyclable wood.

- Includes leak guard to protect surfaces.

- Leak guard can be reused over and over again without replacement.

- Leak guard is also recyclable.


- SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Easy To Understand and Step-By-Step Instructions.

- Hi! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I am Dr. Victoria LeBeaux, the Founder of Hortiki Plants. I know you want easy and complete instructions for your gardening projects. With over 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable agriculture, I know how important it is to share science-based information. I will do my best to provide accurate, clear instructions that will help everyone, even first-time gardeners, find success.  

ℹ️ADDITIONAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE - Submit questions, videos of plants, updates, etc. I would love 💚 to hear from you and I am dedicated to supporting your gardening journey from seed to harvest.

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