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Hortiki Plants

Organic Asian Tatsoi (Leafy Green) Garden Kit (MultiOrder)

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🥬Tatsoi is a little like spinach, and a little like bok choy. It's a leafy green vegetable that is completely edible from the leaves to the stalks. It grows quickly in low light conditions and can tolerate very low temperatures.

💪Nutritionally, tatsoi is a powerhouse like other dark leafy greens. It provides high amounts of beta-carotene, vitamins C, K, and A, iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. I know eating healthy is on your mind right now. Why not switch things up, have some fun, and try Tatsoi Leafy Greens?

- 1 Sachet of Organic Tatosoi Seeds (~30 seeds)
- 1 Three Gallon Grow Bag
- 1 Bamboo Plant Label
- 2 Bags of Organic Potting Soil
- 1 650g Coconut Coir Grow Brick
- Easy to follow Growing Instructions

- Tatsoi is native to China, and has a long history of culinary use in Japan.In fact it is considered an ancient green there!
- You can eat the dark, spoon-shaped leaves in salads or stir-frys. 🍜 You can also eat the stalks. Use them as you would celery.
- I am excited to bring you this variety of leafy greens because it is known for being quick to grow. You can begin harvesting the leaves in only 3-4 weeks⏱️
- Tatsoi is very cold tolerant. (It can even be harvested from under the snow.) ❄️Go ahead and leave your pot outside on your patio, porch, or balcony. If you do grow it indoors that will work too, since this is a low light plant.
- 🌥️Tatsoi only needs 3-5 hours of sun per day.
- I am constantly searching for easy, low light, nutritious plants for you to grow and Tatsoi is a winner all the way!
- Time from seed to harvest: 21-45 days.
- Very cold tolerant. Can survive temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit
- Sun Required: Low light plant. 3-5 hours of direct sunlight.

- Fabric grow bags are a great choice for small space container gardeners.
- They are lightweight and provide great growing environments for plant roots.
- You can also fold and store them easily and reuse them season after season.

🦘The root pouch container included in this kit:
- Naturally prunes roots so they don’t spiral in the container, damaging your plants. The fabric construction provides natural protection from temperature variability
- Air and nutrients move freely around your plant’s roots
- These containers produce bigger yields than plastic pots & promote vigorous root growth
- Fabric is BPA free, UV resistant, and (this is the best) made from 100% recycled materials!
- Dimensions: 10'' w x 8 1/2'' h

- SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Easy To Understand and Step-By-Step Instructions.
- Hi! 🙋🏾‍♀️ I am Dr. Victoria LeBeaux, the Founder of Hortiki Plants. I know you want easy and complete instructions for your gardening projects. With over 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable agriculture, I know how important it is to share science-based information. I will do my best to provide accurate, clear instructions that will help everyone, even first-time gardeners, find success.

- ADDITIONAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE - Submit questions, videos of plants, updates, etc. I would love 💚 to hear from you and I am dedicated to supporting your gardening journey from seed to harvest.