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Hi and thank you so much for visiting.

I'm Dr. Victoria LeBeaux. Owner, founder (and janitor) of Hortiki Plants.

On this page you'll learn more about how Hortiki Plants strives to plant love in all that we do.
Thanks so much for being here and please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything else you'd like to know.

Fun drawing of three people in bright, colorful clothing holding colorful houseplants.


Hortiki and I want to help you live your best plant life, no matter how small your space or how little gardening experience you have.

Hortiki Plants' Eco-friendly Edible Gardening Kits are simple and carefully designed for beginner container gardeners. 

But purchasing a kit is only the beginning. Hortiki supports your entire gardening journey through our: science-based edible gardening blog; edible gardening resource library (50 pages strong and counting!); Hortiki TV videos; 100% Fearless Gardening Guarantee; and one-on-one customer support.

You can do this! We've got you!

Large plant leaf with a map of the world etched into the leaf to show how important sustainable gardening and sustainable agriculture are to the planet.


I know you want to garden in an earth friendly way but may struggle to find the right materials.

I will do my best to source the most eco-friendly materials I can find. That means minimal use of plastic, materials made from
plants, printing on recycled papers using vegetable based inks, and
packaging from recycled materials.

I'll also try to source local whenever possible and from trustworthy organizations.

Colorful drawing of a village with trees, plants, and sustainable homes. People are scattered throughout the design with vegetable plants and planting organic seeds.


You love to support businesses that serve and help communities. Hortiki is of the same heart and mind. 

 5% of Hortiki Plants' profits are donated to organizations helping people and communities grow.

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