NASA Video: Systems to Grow Plants in Space

Astronaut in Space

Get ready to embark on an out-of-this-world adventure as we explore how plants thrive in space!

In the Hortiki Plants DIY Hydro-Pod Activity, you learn to create a low resource system to grow plants only water and sunlight.

This NASA video explores how those same principles are used on the International Space Station.

Join Dr. Gioia Massa and Jacob Torres as they unveil the incredible ways NASA is cultivating plants in microgravity. Discover how these real-life scientists and engineers collaborate to understand how plants adapt and flourish in different environments, preparing us for future missions to the Moon and Mars. Let's blast off into the world of space gardening and witness the wonders of science in action!

Want to learn more? Visit NASA E-Clips website which has additional resources for kids and educators:

Disclaimer: Hortiki Plants does not claim ownership of the content which was developed by NASA. This post is purely for informative purposes, without any intention of copyright infringement.
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